History of ATempo Percusión

The history of the ATempo Percusión workshop begins in Peru, where Alexis Castañeda, a musician and woodworker for three generations, seeks with his friend Eusebio Sirio, known as "Pititi", a great Afro-Peruvian cajonist, to give back the prestige to the Peruvian cajon for his friend's concerts.

The high quality of Alexis' Peruvian cajons was an immediate success in Peru of the 90s, so he developed the ATempo Percusión brand.

Very religious, Alexis and his wife Mirella aim to give musicians the richest sounds but also impressive patterns, bright colours and exceptional finishes that encourage creativity.

Today and even after he passed away, Alexis' kindness and energy still influences ATempo Percusión and ATempo France. 

Alexis Castañeda créateur ATempo Percussión

Alexis Castañeda, founder of ATempo Percusión

"And whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord, and not for men" Colossians 3:23

jeune péruvienne souriante travaillant pour ATempo

Today, thanks to ATempo's workshop, more than 10 families enjoy a decent salary and health benefits.

Reason of being of ATempo France

Thus, this small business was born out of this desire to bring you closer to the meticulous work of the Peruvian workshop, and let them concentrate on making increasingly better cajons.

ATempo France represent the meeting between this extraordinary Peruvian cajon workshop and me, Paul, a flamenco music lover. 

It was during a trip to Peru that I discovered ATempo cajons and realised that no other craftsmanship was similar in France or in Europe that I decided to work hand in hand with this workshop. 

To do, without harming people or the planet

Beyond the cajons, there is a social and environmental policy, respectful of both humans and the planet, for instance,  all the wood used is renewed and all the workshop's employees benefit from health benefits. 

ATempo France is also applying its own ecological policy: today we compensate the CO2 linked to transport and logistics in France, in Europe and around the globe. We have offset these emissions through our participation in decarbonation projects (more details soon!).

Tomorrow, ATempo France also aims to join the 1% for the Planet collective, and is now collecting funds to pay its membership. 

To follow our next social and ecological advances:

jeune péruvienne souriante travaillant pour ATempo

In the workshop, the dovetail assembly is always reinforced with a water-based wood glue to ensure the best strength.